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Patent & Property Law

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution refers to the process of applying for a US patent and having the patent examined by the US Patent Office. There are many complex legal and technical requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain not only an issued patent, but a valuable patent that includes broad claims and is immune from defects or serious limitations.

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Patent Infringement

A patentee has the right to exclude others from practicing the invention. Individuals and small businesses holding patents, however, often find it difficult to enforce their patents against infringers. Patent infringement lawsuits''' are complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Moore Landrey L.L.P. has extensive experience helping individuals and small businesses enforce their patents against infringers. Our attorneys can assist patent holders seeking injunctions against the unauthorized use of their inventions, or can prosecute infringement lawsuits in which the inventor seeks lost profits or a reasonable royalty.


Representative Engagements:

Case No. 9:06-CV-25; E-Watch, Inc., a Nevada Corporation and E-Watch Corporation, a Texas Corporation v. March Networks Corporation; In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas; Lufkin Division. Moore Landrey LLP represented the Plaintiff / Inventor in this patent infringement case involving security devices. Confidential settlement and licensing agreement was obtained for the Plaintiff.


Case No. 9:06-CV-28; Mooneyham Lures, Inc. v. Ebsco Industries, Inc. and Yum Baits Company; In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas; Lufkin Division. Moore Landrey LLP represented the Plaintiff, an artificial bait manufacturer, in this patent infringement litigation. The parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement.

Real Property Transactions

Moore Landrey L.L.P. represents clients who have been involved in a wide variety of litigation involving real property. Our attorneys are experienced in handling the unique issues seen in this specialized area of the law. The firm has handled matters involving ownership and title questions, legal description and survey errors, quiet title actions, landlord and tenant disputes and property line, boundary and easement disputes. Our attorneys are also experienced in title insurance claims and coverage, and our clients in this area of practice have ranged from individual residential property owners to corporations in the State of Texas. Our law firm has both the experience and knowledge of the special issues found in this area of law to enable us to advise our clients and obtain the best possible results through either litigation or alternative dispute resolution.



The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) is a law that provides protection to workers by requiring employers to provide a written layoff notice at least 60 days prior to a mass layoff, facility closure, or plant shutdown. This advanced notification gives employees a chance to keep earning a wage while they find, adjust, and train for a new job.


If you have recently been notified of a layoff, your rights under the WARN Act may have been violated and you may have claims against your former employer. The attorneys are Moore Landrey L.L.P. are ready to fight for your employment rights and provide the confidential counsel you need. Learn more...