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Drugged driving is a growing concern in the trucking industry

Feb 12, 2022 | Personal Injury

Truckers and commercial drivers are behind the wheel of large vehicles that can cause significant damage in the event of a crash. This is why it is extremely important for these individuals to be cautious and careful when driving and sharing the road with smaller, more vulnerable vehicles. One poor decision from a Texas trucker or commercial driver, such as drugged driving, can lead to devastating consequences.  

Drugs and their impact on trucking 

Data recently released from the federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse indicates that drugged driving is a growing safety concern in the trucking industry and with commercial drivers. Instances involving drugged driving in trucking was up 10% from the year before. The number of truck driver violations in 2021 was 58,215, and of those, the majority involved failed drug tests. Consider the following about the drug problem in trucking: 

  • Most of the drug violations that occurred last year were related to marijuana use, but many also tested positive for cocaine. 
  • Recorded instances that involve drugs could be due to a failed drug test, failure to comply with a test or a carrier’s knowledge that a driver was using drugs. 
  • Numbers indicate there has been a consistent increase of positive tests and other drug-related events that could affect how a driver operates his or her vehicle. 

It is possible that employers and other trucking industry authorities should take steps to combat this growing problem through education, support and vigilance.  

Are you a victim? 

Victims of accidents caused by negligent or reckless truckers have legal options. It is possible they have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim, seeking compensation for accident-related losses. Texas victims of drugged driving, distracted driving or any other types of reckless operation of a commercial vehicle do not have to remain silent.