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Estate planning before marriage can be important

Jul 9, 2021 | Estate Planning And Probate Law

Before tying the knot, a couple may benefit from considering how to safeguard their future interests. In Texas, some couples may opt for a prenuptial agreement, while others might focus on estate planning. It is crucial to adjust long-term plans both before and after marriage to protect a fiancé’s interests in the event of sudden death or incapacitation.

Early planning is key

When a couple is planning to marry, they are already deeply connected and may desire that their partner make decisions in emergency situations. However, if they are not yet legally recognized as spouses, they might not be considered next of kin. Estate planning can help address this issue.

A fiancé may need to designate their future spouse as the beneficiary and heir in certain estate planning documents. It is also advantageous to include the fiancé in specific documents, such as a living will or health care power of attorney, to minimize complications should something occur before the wedding.

Begin planning for the future now

As soon as a Texas couple decides to marry, they can take measures to protect their immediate and long-term financial and legal interests. One approach is through strategic estate planning decisions. Working with an experienced attorney can be helpful to understand the necessary steps and the most beneficial adjustments for their unique situation.