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Maritime Law

Jones Act

Have you spent 30% or more of your professional life as a seafarer? The Jones Act states that qualified seamen, including vessel crew members, longshoremen, stevedores, and deckhands, who are injured when performing duties related to their vessel's purpose are entitled to compensation for their medical and living expenses.


If you are a sailor who has been injured or contracted an illness on "navigable waters," you may be entitled to compensation from your employer. Protect yourself at sea and get the compensation you deserve with assistance from the experienced Jones Act attorneys at Moore Landrey L.L.P.

Get the legal you need when you or a loved one's health has been compromised.

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Offshore Accidents

Seamen endure some of the most danagerous employment conditions around. From improperly trained employees to safety equipment carelessness, many dangers are present when offshore.


It is the duty of offshore employers to provide their employees with a safe, seaworthy vessel and work environment. If you have been injured in an offshore accident, please take the time to discuss your rights under maritime law with the knowledgeable attorneys at Moore Landrey L.L.P.

Drilling Rig Accidents

As an oil or gas worker who is employed on a jack-up rig, floating rig or fixed platform, you have special protections under the law in regard to jobsite injuries. Whether you were injured as a result of block breaks, faulty grating, or equipment operating negligence, you are protected under the Jones Act.


If the negligence of an employer contributed to your injury, the legal team at Moore Landrey L.L.P may be able to help you recover compensation for pain, suffering, disability and lost wages.

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