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State laws can help prevent distracted driving accidents

Aug 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

The main priority of a Texas driver should be to follow the rules of the road and arrive safely at his or her destination. Unfortunately, many drivers believe they can safely operate their cellphones and their vehicles at the same time, and the result can be devastating for others nearby. Distraction is a major safety concern, but certain state laws prove to be effective in reducing distracted driving. 

Put the phone down 

Many states have now put hands-free laws into place. This means that a driver cannot use a device that requires hands-on manipulation while driving, including phones. Studies find that these laws are effective in some states in reducing the number of rear-end accidents caused by distraction. There are various factors that could impact the effectiveness of these laws and how they influence driver behavior. 

In one state with hands-free laws, studies found that the number of rear-end accidents, a type of collision often related to distracted driving, was reduced by 11%. In another state, these types of accidents were reduced by 9%. Experts are encouraged by these statistics, saying that these numbers emphasize the effectiveness of better and more widespread safe driving laws. 

Holding distracted drivers accountable 

Despite laws and sufficient evidence of the dangers of distracted driving, many Texas drivers still choose to engage in this dangerous behavior. Those harmed by this action may have grounds to pursue a civil claim, an option that provides a victim a way to recoup losses and seek justice for his or her pain and suffering.