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The protections and benefits of strong employment contracts

Jan 16, 2022 | Business Law And Litigation

The success of a business is built on the hard work and skill of employees. Texas employers understand how important it is to protect the relationship they have with their employees, and one way to do this is through strong employment contracts. These agreements outline the expectations, rights and responsibilities of both parties, and they can provide protection in the event there is a dispute or complication.  

What should be in a contract? 

The terms of an employment contract are based on the needs and goals of the specific business. In some cases, a simple agreement is sufficient, but there are employment situations in which it is necessary for the terms of contracts to be detailed and strict. The following are important elements in any employment contract: 

  • The term of the employment  
  • Base salary and benefits 
  • Sick leave and vacation time 
  • Procedure for dealing with employee grievances 

Additional terms that may be important could include a non-compete clause or non-disclosure clause. There is no one-size-fits-all employment contract, and each business will benefit from carefully evaluating the needs of their specific company in order to create the most practical contracts for their business. 

In the event of a dispute 

Employment contracts should be written in a way so the terms will provide direction and protection in case of a dispute. Clear terms and reasonable requirements are two hallmarks of employment contracts that will benefit both the Texas employer and employees. Whether creating a contract, dealing with a breach of contract matter or negotiating the terms of an agreement, it will be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorney.