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What does a home seller have to disclose about the property?

Aug 27, 2021 | Real Estate Law

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in the life of a Texas adult. This is a serious financial commitment and making the wrong decision could have detrimental consequences going forward. It is critical to know as much as possible about a home before signing on the bottom line. In most cases, sellers are required to disclose certain things about the property to the buyer.

Important details about the property

A buyer has the right to know certain things before buying a home. It is likely a lender will also require an inspection of the property, which could also reveal certain problems in the home. Typically, sellers must inform buyers of certain things that could affect their safety or that they will need to repair, such as:

  • If a death occurred in the home
  • Hazards that could affect health or safety
  • Necessary or recommended repairs
  • Information about the homeowners’ association, if there is one
  • Missing items that should come with the home
  • Water damage from a previous or ongoing problem

Specific disclosures a seller will make depend on state laws and other factors. A buyer would be wise to ask questions and have a thorough inspection of the home even after receiving disclosures from the seller.

The rights of buyers

Texas buyers would be wise to take steps to protect their interests at every step of a real estate transaction. It is also helpful to work with an attorney to ensure they get all necessary disclosures about the property. A real estate attorney can also assist with other matters, such as contract review.